Maintaining a safe, pleasant and productive workplace is important to all companies. Our Corporate Health Awareness sessions help to achieve this by educating employers and employees on problems of work-related stress and health related issues.

FMP Hanoi will conduct every 6 months Health Awareness Talks for you. These courses are designed for specifically for the office in response to requests from the work force.

There tends to be great variation in the level of awareness of occupational health issues within the workforce. By providing at least basic training for everyone, essential good practice, especially in terms of creating a uniformed community, are understood by all. Through training employees you can ensure specific health protocols are followed uniformly. Training can be very effective in building confidence and dispelling fears, thus enabling people to accept their responsibilities and roles at whatever level they are working. ·

The ideal number of participants on this course is 25-40. 3 topics will make up ½ day of training

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Emergency Preparedness Heat Stress Traumatic Mental Stress Personal Protection Female Safety
Workplace Safety & Ergonomics Drinking & Social Drugs Workplace Violence & Workplace Harassment Malaria Smoking
Working in the Kitchen Young Workers Fall Hazards AIDS Health & Safety
Mobile equipment Pandemic Awareness Flu Healthy Eating Diabetes
Health & Community Care Family Planning


FMP Hanoi will provide ½ day Health Awareness Talks (3 topics) in total complimentary every 6 months to FMP Hanoi Corporate Members.

If your company would like to apply for a FMP Hanoi Corporate Agreement – please complete the form below and our Marketing Department will contact you as soon as possible.