FMP Hanoi can provide On Site vaccinations for both large and small companies throughout the country from our clinic in Hanoi – please contact us for more details. Keeping staff healthy is of importance to any company and FMP Hanoi can provide you with immediate support on request. FMP Hanoi Medical staff administer vaccinations at a time and date that suits you.

The FMP Hanoi On Site Vaccination service is efficient, convenient and will cause minimum disruption to your working day.

Process of doing FMP Hanoi On Site Vaccination

  • It is important to pre book your FMP Hanoi On Site Vaccination service with FMP Hanoi; this can be done on line or by a telephone call +84 24 3843 0748.
  • Please arrange for a room to conduct the vaccinations to be available and staff should arrive on time. Unfortunately if your staff are not available and are unable to come to the appointment; we will need to charge again for our Medical staff to come out; unless you arrange to visit our Hanoi clinic.
  • We will need to roll up your shirt sleeve so loose clothing is preferable.
  • The vaccination will take no longer than 3 minutes; a Doctor will be available to check any abnormalities.

Prepare for a FMP Hanoi On Site Vaccination service check up – Important Reminders

  • The easiest way to book FMP Hanoi On Site Vaccination service is through our on line booking system. If you would like to make a booking or request more information, please click here or call +84 24 3843 0748
  • Get enough sleep, at least 6 hours, prior to the check-up. Lack of sleep may cause abnormal results. The FMP Hanoi Dr. will ask if you’ve had any recent illness.
  • It is recommended you stay under observation of our medical staff for at least 30 minutes after the vaccination; people react differently to injections.

Please complete the form below and our Marketing team will contact you with more details.