FMP Hanoi can manage Visa Health Check-Ups for all countries; please book an appointment with our Visa Department and bring the required Visa Application form with you for your appointment.

If you are not able to find the information please call us and ask for assistance

Process of doing visa check up

  • It is important to pre book your visa check up with FMP Hanoi; this can be done on line or by a telephone call +8424 3843 0748
  • Please arrive on time for your Visa Health Check-up. We may have to reschedule if you are unable to keep your appointed time. Please have available your date of birth and contact details.
  • Please wear loose clothing which will help us with a number of the tests.
  • Tests will may include some of the following: blood sample, urine test, stool sample, TB, HIV tests.
  • Your entire visa check will take 1½ hrs and your results will either be given to you or sent direct to the Embassy. If the tests are abnormal the FMP Dr. will follow the protocol of the Embassy you are applying too. In this case the cashier will advise you of the prices for the additional tests.

Prepare for a visa check up – Important Reminders

  • FMP Hanoi is the designated clinic to conduct medical check-ups for Visa applications. Our experience and knowledge gives you the quickest service in Hanoi. Always telephone and organize a time for your health check; time slots available from 07.30am to 10.00am afternoons are available only on request; please arrive on time; FMP Hanoi has perfected a schedule which is timed specifically to keep you for the shortest time possible.
  • The easiest way to book a visa health check is through our on line booking system. If you would like to make a booking or request more information, please call +84 24 3843 0748
  • Get enough sleep, at least 6 hours, prior to the check-up. Lack of sleep may cause abnormal results such as blood pressure, heart beat, and body temperature. The doctor may not be able to assess if any change is a real abnormality. Eating and drinking before your appointment is allowed however please refrain from alcohol and over sweet drinks.
  • Our team of FMP Hanoi Doctors conduct health check-ups which are required for student, tourist and permanent resident/immigration visas.
  • It takes about 1½ hrs to complete your check-up and FMP Hanoi will directly process your completed application to the relevant consulate of the country in which you are applying for a Visa.
  • Each visa check-up may include a physical examination and vital signs check by a doctor, a vision test, an x-ray, as well as blood and urine tests.
  • It is recommended you find alternative child minding arrangements as we do not have a child minding facility on-site. If your child is over the age of 16 they will be unable to accompany you during your immigration health examination.

Additional steps you may take:

  • Check the current validity of your passport and the availability of blank visa pages
    All travelers will need a valid passport for their travels to different countries. Also, the passport must contain unused visa pages for the visa to be issued. We recommend traveling with at least 6 months of remaining validity on your passport at all times. We recommend you have at least 2 free pages in Visas section of your passport before any international travel.
  • Contact the nearest embassy or consulate of your desired country
    Upon contacting the embassy confirm the required documents, the time it takes to process the visa and whether the consulate accepts applications by mail.

Please contact our FMP Visa Department if you would like to book an appointment for a FMP Visa Health Check-up. Call (84 24) 3843 0748 or contact us through our on line booking. We shall respond as quickly as possible please be aware of holidays and weekends these may cause a delay.