Health Check Up Sport Packages

Using FMP Hanoi expertise and applied research, we offer a wide variety of Sport and Health Services to help individuals, teams, workplaces, schools and the community to improve their health, training and fitness. Special interest areas range from behaviour change with sports psychology, nutrition, rehabilitation and public health, to exercise physiology and physiotherapy. We can provide […]

Pre-marriage package

For most people, the joy of finding true love and deciding to go into matrimony with a spouse usually has no limits. However, most people enter into this lifelong union without adequate knowledge of their partner’s health status and so become disappointed and frustrated with marriage because of medical conditions that could have been identified […]

Domestic helper

FMP Domestic Helper Health Check provides reassurance to employers who know the impact a sick domestic worker can have on home or business. FMP Hanoi can assist with the unnecessary spread of illnesses and infections to other employees and family members and also reduce the amount of absence and the days taken to recover; eliminating the […]

School checkup packages

If your child is over 4 years of age, a regular yearly health check is necessary to make sure they are developing properly. With the ever increasing stress and demand on growing bodies it is important to monitor and identify issues early on. Whether your child is entering school for the first time or about […]