On Site Vaccination

FMP Hanoi can provide On Site vaccinations for both large and small companies throughout the country from our clinic in Hanoi – please contact us for more details. Keeping staff healthy is of importance to any company and FMP Hanoi can provide you with immediate support on request. FMP Hanoi Medical staff administer vaccinations at […]

Off Site Clinic

Off Site Clinic – FMP Hanoi can provide a client specific Medical Management Service. In response to increasing demand for international standard healthcare preparation whilst on site with specific budget requirements; FMP Hanoi can design the best solution for your employee needs in both remote, hard to access areas of Vietnam and city locations by […]

Monthly agreement

FMP Hanoi Direct Monthly Payment Agreement offers our corporate clients an easy method for paying medical bills. This arrangement does not involve any additional charges or membership fees. By setting up a monthly payment arrangement with FMP Hanoi, you can make things easy for Senior Managers or employees as well as their family members, allowing […]

Corporate Health Reports

The workplace has a significant impact on people’s health and well-being. Poor management of workplace health can lead to work-related ill health and to high levels of sickness absence. FMP Hanoi can assist you with corporate health reports which show trends and sickness related illnesses which may have impact on your profitability. FMP Hanoi can […]

Health Awareness Talks

Maintaining a safe, pleasant and productive workplace is important to all companies. Our Corporate Health Awareness sessions help to achieve this by educating employers and employees on problems of work-related stress and health related issues. FMP Hanoi will conduct every 6 months Health Awareness Talks for you. These courses are designed for specifically for the […]