If your child is over 4 years of age, a regular yearly health check is necessary to make sure they are developing properly. With the ever increasing stress and demand on growing bodies it is important to monitor and identify issues early on. Whether your child is entering school for the first time or about to graduate, back-to-school time is a good opportunity for parents to check up on their children’s health and make sure they’re protected against common childhood diseases and illnesses.

FMP Hanoi has designed a specific Healthy Kid School Check-Up package; FMP Hanoi Pediatric doctors recommend the following to be included:

  • Complete physical examination
  • Height, Weight & Blood Pressure
  • Immunization Record Update (if vaccinations are required you will need to wait 30 minutes for any adverse affect)
  • Growth & Development
  • Nutrition & Eating Habits
  • Health & Wellbeing Questions & Answers
  • Vision & Hearing Checks
  • Sport Health Awareness

Advice will be given on any results and questions will be based on history and examination. FMP Hanoi Pediatric Doctors may recommend further tests if your child indicates other symptoms. FMP Hanoi will also follow your school health check up forms; please bring them to the Health Check-Up.

If your child participates in a lot of sport activities the FMP Hanoi Dr may recommend additional tests.

Process of doing health check up

  • It is important to pre book your health check and confirm which package you would like to have. Booking can be done on line or you can call and speak with our Health Check-Up department.
  • Please arrive on time for your Health Check-up. We may have to reschedule if you are unable to keep your appointed time. Please have available your date of birth and contact details.
  • Please wear loose clothing which will help us with a number of the tests.
  • Your entire health check will take 1 hour and your results will be given to you when finished. Based on the results your Doctor may suggest further review with a specialist.

Prepare for a health check up : Important Reminders

General Instructions

  • Please bring along your ID card or passport and arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled appointment time.
  • If you have a pre-existing medical condition, please bring along any test results or reports you have for the doctor to review.
  • Please wear loose clothing which will help us with a number of the tests.
  • Please do not use your mobile telephone or other electronic items during the test.
  • You will be given a light snack on the completion of your Health Check-Up.