Using FMP Hanoi expertise and applied research, we offer a wide variety of Sport and Health Services to help individuals, teams, workplaces, schools and the community to improve their health, training and fitness. Special interest areas range from behaviour change with sports psychology, nutrition, rehabilitation and public health, to exercise physiology and physiotherapy.

We can provide specific consultancy in each of our specialist areas as well as combining them to create custom sport packages – tailored to suit your requirements. FMP Hanoi believes in delivering sustainable results with practical and cost-effective solutions.

FMP Hanoi conducts Health Check Up Sport Packages to assess whether athletes are in good health and have adequate capability to participate in sports activities and competitions. Your health plays a crucial role in your playing sport and training. FMP Hanoi applies scientific principles and methods to help you improve physical status, health and maximize sports performance.

The 3 major parts of the FMP Hanoi Health Check Up Sport Packages comprise of:

  • examination of past and current health conditions such as illness, sports injury history, current injury, training intensity, etc;
  • physical examination of weight, height, blood pressure and pulse, five sense organs, heart, lung, abdomen, shape of spinal bones and measurement of muscular strength, etc;
  • urine protein, sugar and blood indices. Special examinations such as blood tests and electrocardiograms can be arranged if necessary.

To address the special needs of those who are active in sports, we provide the FMP Hanoi Health Check Up Sport Package Program. The exam helps determine whether it’s safe for you to participate in a particular sport.

FMP Hanoi Health Check Up Sport Package includes the following:

  • CBC
  • Random Blood Sugar
  • Random Lipid profile
  • Urea
  • Electrolytes
  • Creatinine
  • ECG
  • TMT
  • Physician Consultation
  • Physiotherapy Consultation
  • Sports medicine / Orthopedic Consultation

You can Schedule a Stress Test

  • Please bring your jogging shoes
  • If you need to eat before the stress test, then eat a light snack only and avoid fatty foods, caffeine, and alcohol.
  • If you are under treatment or taking or talking medication for any medical or physical condition, please notify the nurse in advance.
  • Please do not drink alcohol for at least 24 hours before beginning your program.
  • Instructions for Abdominal Ultrasound will be given on the day
  • Drink plenty of water before the ultrasound exam. The test requires a full bladder for best results.

Before your FMP Hanoi Health Check Up Sport Packages

General Instructions

  • Do not eat or drink anything except plain water for at least 12 hours prior to check up. In case of Upper GI X-ray or endoscopy, please keep fasting.
  • Please bring along your ID card or passport and arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled appointment time.
  • Stool and urine samples will be collected on the day of examination.
  • If you have a pre-existing medical condition, please bring along any test results or reports you have for the doctor to review.
  • Please do not drink alcohol for at least 24 hours before beginning your program.

At the beginning of your appointment, tell your FMP Hanoi doctor:

  • If you are or might be pregnant
  • If you have any concerns or questions